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What Happens When You Commit Crimes in Chicago and Indiana?

Not long ago, two men were arrested in Chicago for trafficking guns from Indianapolis. Devante Brown, 27, and 19-year-old Corey Sartin face conspiracy charges and willfully dealing firearms without a license. Federal prosecutors say that the pair sold ten firearms, including four semiautomatic handguns, four semiautomatic rifles, and two “ghost guns”-untraceable guns that can be purchased online and assembled at home-to undercover officers.

Brown, a previously convicted felon, is also charged with illegally possessing firearms. Both men are facing additional weapons charges from separate incidents earlier this year.

Wondering what happens when a crime crosses state lines or is considered to take place in more than one state? Keep reading to find out.

Crimes That Cross State Lines

Sometimes, a single instance of crime-say, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, abduction, or a cyber-based matter-that crosses from one state into another will become a federal matter.

In other cases, the two states will each prosecute the alleged criminals independently. And still other situations will see the accused prosecuted both federally and on the state level-in one or more states.

Often, this happens because of differences in the states’ laws. Each state is considered “sovereign” and can prosecute as long as “an essential part of the crime” is committed there. That same sovereignty means the concept of double jeopardy does not apply.

Consequences of Multi-State Crimes

Aside from the additional penalties possible when someone is charged in multiple jurisdictions, there are other consequences to consider. Sometimes, a defendant must be extradited from one state to another. Other times, the defendant may be released on bail, then required to travel between the two states to attend hearings and be present for a trial.

Multi-state charges also necessitate an attorney who understands the laws, procedural requirements, necessary evidence, and other factors in each place.

Razumich & Associates Can Help

That’s where Razumich & Associates comes in. Given our state’s proximity to Chicago, we have the knowledge and experience to defend accused individuals in Indiana and Illinois.

Without consulting a lawyer, it can be difficult to predict or understand what will happen in any particular case. If you have been arrested for crimes in Illinois and Indiana, contact us today at 317-983-5333 to tell us about your situation, so we can get ready to fight for you.

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