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How is Chicago’s Crime Wave Affecting Indiana?

    • Indiana police say that Chicago’s massive surge in crime is spilling over the Indiana border in more ways than one. In the past 12 months, Indiana has experienced over 20 shootings on the freeways and numerous pursuits, where the majority of cars are heading toward Chicago.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Glen Fifield says he has not seen [such aggression] on the highways in his 25 years of patrolling them.

“We’ve seen an uptick in [freeway shootings] just because we get a little bit of the overflow from the Chicago area, here in Northwest Indiana,” Sgt. Fifield said in Fox59 news report.

In Lake County, Indiana, which sits near the Illinois border, the county sheriff’s department has made nearly 50 arrests from criminal pursuits this year. More than half of those pursued were from or were fleeing to Chicago.

“We’ve also seen a lot of vehicles being stolen in Illinois or Chicago, crossing into the Indiana state line, committing other crimes, drive-by shootings, homicides, burglaries,” said Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez.

The sheriff’s department has also confiscated a great deal of contraband, including numerous high-powered rifles, other weapons, and large amounts of cash and drugs. Sheriff Martinez believes that “a lot of drugs were going into Chicago as a distribution point.” He adds that many of the confiscated guns had been stolen from Illinois residents who had been burglarized.

Both Illinois and Indiana are seeing a shocking spike in criminal homicides in 2021. As of this writing, in Chicago alone, 678 people have been murdered this year, and in Indianapolis, 218 people have been murdered, making it the second year in a row that the homicide rate has surpassed 200. In August 2021, Indiana’s homicide rates were statistically higher than Chicago’s for the first time in history.

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