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Indianapolis Sex Crimes Attorney

Indianapolis Sex Crimes Attorney

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Sex Crimes in Indiana Require Having the Toughest Attorneys in Your Corner

If you or someone you love has been charged with a sex offense, the immediate impact can be devastating, whether there is a guilty conviction or not. It is critical to hire an experienced Indiana sex crime attorney immediately to make sure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Choosing an Indianapolis sex crime lawyer is important, especially when considering the specific local and state laws in Indianapolis. Having an experienced attorney in this field of law ensures you have the best possible representation, offering guidance and support through every legal challenge.

The impacts of a sex offense conviction go far beyond time spent in prison. Simply being charged will have an immediate impact on your day-to-day life, and a conviction can be far worse.

If found guilty, you may have to sell your home, abandon your career, and stay away from certain family members, depending on the restrictions that have been implemented. You may miss key events in the lives of your family and could spend the rest of your life on the Indiana Sex Offender Registry.

The prosecution can legally notify your employer of pending charges before a conviction to protect any children that you may come into contact with. In many ways, you may feel like you’ve been indicted in the court of public opinion long before a jury ever renders a verdict. These cases can be truly devastating. Reach out to us at Razumich & Associates, PLLC, and ensure you have a fierce legal advocate in your corner. Don’t face these challenges alone; we’re here to help every step of the way.

What are Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes include several non-consensual sexual acts. A perpetrator commits these crimes by sexually assaulting a victim without their consent or against their will. The breakdown of common sex crimes:

Rape and Attempted Rape

One of the worst sex crimes. Rape involves engaging in sexual intercourse with another individual without their consent or against their will. On the other hand, attempted rape involves not completing the act.

Sexual Battery 

Indiana law defines sexual battery as distinct from rape in Section Code 35-42-4-8. Sexual battery falls under sexual assault, while rape involves penetration. From groping to attempted rape, it encompasses unwanted sexual contact or behavior without consent. The gravity and circumstances of the crime can make it a Level 6 or Level 4 felony.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, schools, and public places and involves unwanted sexual approaches. Lewd comments, indecent communications, and unwelcome advances are examples.

Child Molestation

This crime involves touching or engaging in sexual activity with a minor. From inappropriate touching to rape are child molestation. In this area, punishments for offenses are severe.

Public Indecency

Exposing oneself or having sexual relations in public is deemed indecent. Legal consequences may result if such activities distress onlookers.

Human Trafficking 

The illegal trade of humans, often for forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation, is called human trafficking. Kidnapped or promised a better life, victims are abused physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Sexting Minors

Sharing or receiving explicit photographs from minors is illegal in many jurisdictions. Adults who possess or distribute such content might face serious legal penalties, even if the minor willingly shares the image.


Offering sexual services for money or commodities is prostitution. Street solicitation and brothel work are all forms of prostitution. In many places, selling or requesting such services is unlawful, but getting caught can also result in legal consequences.

What Defenses are Available for Sex Crimes in Indiana?

Sex crimes in Indiana have severe consequences, but there are multiple defenses. The alleged offense, evidence, and charges will determine your defense strategy. These are frequent sex crime defenses:

  • Consent: The most common defense is that the alleged victim offered their voluntary and unequivocal consent for sexual activity. However, consent may not be a valid defense if the victim is a minor or drunk.

  • Mistaken Identity: In cases of mistaken identity, emotions can be elevated due to their sensitivity. Sometimes a victim incorrectly identifies their perpetrator, especially in unclear or dimly lit situations.

  • False Accusations: Unfortunately, people may be falsely accused of a sex crime owing to personal motives such as misunderstandings, revenge, or custody disputes. Proving the intent behind such claims can help defend oneself.

  • Alibi: If you can establish that you were elsewhere during the alleged crime, it can be a great defense. Supporting evidence like surveillance footage, witness statements,or electronic records can back up an alibi.

  • Insufficient Evidence: The prosecution must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can’t prove this, the charges may be reduced or dropped.

  • Statute of Limitations: Sex crimes have a timeframe for filing charges, just like other crimes. In Indiana, the statute of limitations may have expired if the crime occurred a long time ago, making prosecution hard.

How Are Sex Crimes Penalized in Indiana?

Sex offenses are serious in most states, including Indiana. The state has strict penalties for such crimes. Sex offenses in Indiana are punished as follows, depending on the crime’s nature and severity:

  • Misdemeanors vs. Felonies: Sex crimes can be categorized as misdemeanors, which have milder punishments than felonies. Due to their severity, most sex crimes are felonies with harsher penalties.

  • Incarceration: The seriousness of a crime can result in incarceration, ranging from a few months for minor offenses to decades or even life for more serious crimes.

  • Fines: Apart from incarceration, offenders may be required to pay hefty fines. These fines act both as a deterrent and a punitive measure.

  • Probation: If an offender is placed on probation, they may not serve time in jail but must comply with court-set terms. Violating these terms can result in jail time.

  • Mandatory Treatment: When rehabilitation is deemed viable, the court may order mandatory therapy or counseling for the convicted.

  • Sex Offender Registration: Many convicted sex offenders in Indiana must register as sex offenders. Public access to this registry can have long-term effects on personal and professional life.

  • Restitution: To address the impact of the crime, offenders may be required to pay restitution, which includes financial compensation for medical bills, treatment fees, and other damages.

It’s vital to note that aggravating or mitigating circumstances, victim age, and offender criminal history might affect sanctions. In Indiana, sex crime prosecutions are serious and complex, therefore, those accused must get legal advice immediately.

Indiana Sex Offender Registry

The Indiana Sex Offender Registry, established by Indiana Code Chapter 11-8-8, is vital to public safety. It provides a centralized database of state-convicted sex offenders for the public. Understanding its rules and implications is crucial for anyone facing sex crime charges or concerned about neighborhood safety. Below are significant Indiana Sex Offender Registry features:

  • Purpose: The registry aims to protect communities by informing them of the existence of sex offenders in their area. The state wants to dissuade re-offense and warn the public by disclosing this information.

  • Inclusion Criteria: Individuals with sex offense convictions may not be included in the registry. Rape, child molestation, and serious sexual battery require mandatory registration. The length of time an offender must be on the list depends on the severity of their crime.

  • Registration Process: To register, convicted offenders must supply personal information such as current addresses, jobs, vehicle information, and a recent photo. This data is then made public with some restrictions to protect privacy of certain data.

  • Duration and Updates: Offenders may be obliged to remain on the registry for a set number of years or, in serious situations, for life. Annual updates or changes in residence or work are required. Failure to update can lead to legal repercussions.

  • Public Accessibility: The Indiana Sex Offender Registry is accessible online and provides a searchable database. Residents can search for local sex offenders or acquire information about specific persons.

  • Consequences of Non-Compliance: In Indiana, failing to register, providing false information, or updating details can lead to severe legal consequences. This could involve penalties, jail term, or further charges.

Why Do I Need a Sex Crime Lawyer?

In the United States, including Indiana, every individual has the constitutional right to represent themselves in court. This concept is known as “pro se” representation. However, while it’s a right, it may not always be the wisest choice, especially in complex cases such as sex crimes.

  • Understanding of Local Laws: Indiana has sex offense statutes like other states. Indianapolis lawyers know local and state laws, so they help you through the legal system.

  • Building a Strong Defense: Every case has its nuances. A lawyer can examine evidence, dispute the prosecution’s claims, and find case contradictions. They can also use customized tactics to potentially reduce or dismiss charges.

  • Protecting Your Rights: After being accused or arrested, your rights are at danger. An attorney will treat you honestly, gather evidence legally, and keep you informed throughout the legal process.

  • Managing Consequences: Consequences of sex offenses include jail time, listing on the sex offender register, job loss, and limitations on living or working. An Indianapolis sex crime lawyer can mitigate these effects.

  • Emotional Support and Guidance: Legal proceedings can be emotionally taxing. An attorney not only provides legal advice but also offers guidance, ensuring you’re not making personal decisions that could harm your case.

When facing such serious accusations, you need someone who knows your circumstances as well as legal expertise. It’s about having a professional ally to defend your rights and future. In such a case, hiring legal representation quickly can change the outcome.

Call our Indianapolis Sex Crime Lawyer Now!

Remember that in America, you are innocent unless proven guilty, and severe cases require serious attorneys. At Razumich & Associates, PLLC, we never forget that we represent the innocent, be it related to drug crimes, DUI, theft, expungement, or hardship licenses. As an Indianapolis sex crime lawyer team, we believe you deserve an aggressive defense – especially when so much is at stake.

Our legal team will conduct a thorough investigation into the facts of your case in order to preserve your defense. We will interview witnesses, examine any DNA evidence, and delve deep into specifics, whether they pertain to drug-related issues, theft incidents, or DUI charges. This meticulous approach is all part of our unwavering commitment to providing the best legal defense possible.

At Razumich & Associates, PLLC, we take criminal cases other attorneys turn down, covering a spectrum from theft to hardship licenses and beyond. If you or someone you love has been accused of a sex offense, it is critical that you contact an attorney experienced in sex crime defense who can protect your rights today. Call us now and set up an appointment for an initial consultation.

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