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Indianapolis Burglary Attorney

Protect Your Rights in a Burglary Case

An Indianapolis Burglary Attorney Can Help Find Holes in the State’s Case

In the event you or someone you know is facing burglary charges, it’s important to stay calm and find the help that you need.

There are several ways to fight burglary charges and the lawyers at Razumich & Associates can help. The first thing to remember is that there is a significant difference between being in possession of stolen property and being guilty of burglary.

The police may attempt to get you to confess or make a statement related to the burglary. If a statement was obtained illegally, it cannot be used against you. Another strategy in the prosecution’s case is to use a confidential informant. They often have a natural incentive to skew the truth for their own benefit. These are not strong forms of evidence.

What Burglary is, and What It Isn’t

Burglary is defined under Indiana law as breaking and entering a building or structure of another person with the intent to commit a felony or theft inside it. Police dramas and other television shows would lead you to believe that the police often use forensic evidence to break the case – but that’s just not how these cases typically end.

The way a burglar is most often caught is by tracing a stolen item to an individual through a pawn shop. Too often these cases rely on evidence that is obtained unconstitutionally, or isn’t very strong in the first place.

If you’ve been charged with burglary, make sure you do what you can to protect your rights, because a guilty conviction can be devastating for your future.

The Help of an Indianapolis Burglary Attorney

At Razumich & Associates, we look at every burglary charge to determine the basic facts surrounding the case and what your best defense will be. We look at:

  • Whether the police can place you at the scene, and how
  • Whether a client was properly advised about their rights before questioning
  • The rewards given to an informant based on the information given
  • Whether there is sufficient information to let our clients know they are in possession of stolen property

If you’ve been charged with burglary, you deserve the best defense possible. You deserve an Indianapolis burglary attorney who will treat you as though you are innocent until proven guilty. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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