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Platinum Defense Membership

Platinum Defense Membership

Have the Peace of Mind of Knowing That Your Attorney Is Only A Call Away

Platinum Defense Members Can Always Reach Their Attorney

Life today is complicated, and the way the legal system touches our lives in ways we can’t always imagine makes having an attorney always available to you a good idea. Many of the people we speak with may not need an attorney right away, but like knowing that they have “Their Attorney” only a phone call away. To help people feel safe when dealing with life, we’ve created the Platinum Defense Membership to let people know they always have access to us.

Have an Attorney on Retainer Without Paying Monthly Retainer Fees

The Platinum Defense Membership allows Members to have significant and easy access to one of our experienced attorneys for a one-time investment. This allows Members to know that their attorney is always on call without having to pay recurring monthly retainer fees to guarantee access.

Platinum Defense Members Receive Special Benefits

All Platinum Defense Members receive a special plastic card that’s similar to a credit card in size. We recommend that you keep it in your wallet with your other important cards. It has a special telephone number and e-mail address that guarantees quick 24-hour access to one of our attorneys. Platinum Defense Members also receive additional benefits, including:

  • Two free hours of consultation every month on any legal topic the Member has questions about
  • Priority consultation scheduling during normal business hours
  • The ability to schedule evening and weekend appointments if needed
  • A discount of 10% off of any future legal fees that the Member might need to retain us to handle
  • The Membership lasts forever, and never needs to be renewed

The Benefits of Platinum Defense Membership Never Expire

While Platinum Defense Membership does NOT guarantee that we can represent you on any new litigation that you might have, it does guarantee access to our experienced attorneys whenever you have a legal issue that needs to be handled. With the priority and more flexible scheduling, along with the 10% discount on your future legal fees, the benefits of Membership will pay for itself the first time you need an attorney. Membership should be considered as a form of Insurance, like AAA, guaranteeing that when you really need an attorney, one is only a quick telephone call away.

Contact us today to discuss becoming a Platinum Defense Member. You’ll be glad that you did.

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