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Indianapolis Forgery Attorney

Forgery Charges are Serious

Protect Yourself with an Indianapolis Forgery Attorney

If you or someone you love has been accused of forgery, it’s crucial to act fast and hire an Indianapolis forgery attorney who can help you formulate the proper defense. Time is often of the essence in a forgery case. The attorneys at Razumich & Associates are experienced handling all kinds of forgery cases.

Eyewitness testimony should be challenged and handwriting experts can be hired to attack whether an alleged signature is in fact your handwriting. It is important to begin these processes as soon as possible as many witnesses become more certain of their statements as time passes. It can also take time to obtain the needed handwriting analysis that can prove pivotal to your case.

The Basics of Forgery

Indiana law defines forgery as an enhanced type of theft that involves presenting a written document, usually a check, with a false signature. As checks have become less common, more forgeries include stolen credit cards. More stores have grown less vigilant about ensuring the card is a match to the person using it.

The most common forgeries include:

  • Fake Checks
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • False Loan Applications
  • Apartment Leases
  • The theft of other personal, or financial information

Forgery cases usually revolve around an attempt to illegally obtain money or property from another individual. There are a growing number of cases of online identity theft that include an element of forgery.

An Indianapolis Forgery Attorney Can Help

Forgery charges are very serious, and it’s important that you act fast to hire an attorney who can protect your rights. An experienced Indianapolis forgery attorney will examine the facts surrounding your case and help you to determine your best options.

Contact us today, and we will act fast to make sure you receive the defense that you are entitled to, if you’ve been charged with forgery.

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