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Resisting Arrest

Indianapolis Resisting Arrest Attorney

Know Your Rights When You’re Stopped by Law Enforcement

Resisting Arrest Charges Carry Serious Consequences

Resisting arrest charges can carry serious consequences and the attorneys at Razumich & Associates in Indianapolis can make sure you have an aggressive defense. Confrontations with the police can be a confusing situation involving many gray areas, and you want tough experienced attorneys fighting for you.

What Constitutes a Resisting Arrest Charge

Resisting Law Enforcement charges come in two forms under Indiana law:

  • Knowingly or intentionally forcibly resisting, obstructing, or interfering with a law enforcement officer engaged in the execution of his duties
  • Knowingly or intentionally fleeing from a law enforcement officer after being ordered to stop by visible or audible means

The facts of what represent resisting law enforcement can be very fact sensitive. Cases that we’ve worked on where our clients were charged with resisting law enforcement include:

  • Refusing to unlock a door when a police officer is trying to get in
  • Pulling away from a police officer when he tries to handcuff you
  • Running away from a police officer when told to stop
  • Failing to stop a vehicle quickly enough when an officer has their lights and sirens activated

Resisting law enforcement charges can drastically range in severity. Some may be a Class A Misdemeanor while others can be charged with a Level 6 Felony.

The definition of resisting an arrest is broad and it gives law enforcement a significant amount of latitude. The facts surrounding the case may not always match up perfectly with the statute for resisting law enforcement.

You Deserve a Resisting Arrest Attorney Who Works for You

The latitude given in this broad statute does not mean that the police have endless authority, however. You deserve a resisting arrest attorney who will work for you and aggressively investigate the facts surrounding your case.

Your conduct may not have risen to the level of criminal activity. If you have been charged with resisting law enforcement, you must take those charges seriously. Contact Razumich & Associates today, and we will immediately discuss the facts surrounding your case with you.

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