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How to Recover Emotionally After You Have Been Arrested

There’s a reason that people in police custody try to shield their faces from paparazzi and prying eyes while doing the “perp walk.” It’s humiliating to be shackled, duck into the back of a squad car, or pass through a phalanx of TV cameras as they enter a courthouse. The emotional impact of being arrested takes a heavy toll—but it is possible to overcome it and to go on living your best life. Here are 4 tips that can help you process your feelings and recover.

  1. Face Your Feelings

Anyone accused of a crime will have a lot of mixed emotions: shame, anger, guilt, fear, regret. Pushing those feelings aside or burying them inside isn’t helpful. The more you can own up to what you feel and allow your emotions to play out, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Know that these feelings are appropriate and common—but also that you can learn from them.

  1. Talk to a Professional

Sitting with your emotions as they bubble up is just the first step, though. To process them and gain more perspective, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from a psychologist or counselor. If this proves difficult for practical or financial reasons, there are many online resources to help connect you with a caring listener.

It might be excruciating to examine your personal history up to this point in your life. Still, self-discovery is so valuable—and a good therapist can guide you through the process. What caused you to take the steps that led to your crime?

  1. Make What Amends You Can

It’s not always possible, but fixing whatever was broken by your criminal behavior can go a long way toward helping you heal. Make amends to the best of your ability. If there are specific victims you’ve hurt, consider contacting them when you can offer a heartfelt apology. Write them a letter expressing your remorse. If your crime caused financial hardship, pay the money back.

  1. Don’t Let the Crime Be In Vain

One action you can always take is to improve yourself despite your mistake. Pledge that you’ll follow a different path from here on out. There is a lesson in every situation if you choose to look for it and learn from it.

What steps can you take to avoid future failures? How can you use this experience to become a better person? They say a life well-lived is the best revenge, but it can be the best reparation too.

Lastly, Lean On Others

You might feel as though you’ve brought this upheaval on yourself, so you should white-knuckle through it by yourself, too. But accepting help is a crucial aspect of healing. When you can make peace with your flaws, own your misdeeds, and admit your wrongdoing to others, you gain a certain strength. And that makes it all the easier to overcome any setback.

Let the attorneys at Razumich & Associates assist you as you travel this difficult road. We’ve helped so many people get a fair shake in the legal arena; we understand what it’s like to face a devastating event and come out stronger on the other side. Call us at (31) 983-5333 to begin the healing process.

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