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Free Resources in Indiana for People Struggling with Depression and Violent Impulses

If you’re a Hoosier suffering from depression or struggling with aggressive impulses, you’re not alone. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of people reporting suffering from depression and anxiety has skyrocketed across Indiana and the United States. In Indiana, 36.6 percent of adults–one out of every three–reported symptoms of a depressive disorder in October 2020, although only 22.4 percent sought help.

We also saw the unfortunate growth of domestic violence during lockdowns, with national reports of abuse rising by at least 8 percent. Researchers theorize that the increase in violence is likely due to a combination of factors, including stay-at-home orders that kept families in close proximity, heightening stress and tension in the home, and making people predisposed to aggression more prone to give in to their violent impulses.

If you’re struggling with mental health issues in Indiana, know that there’s help available. You may feel the situation is hopeless now, but the right counselor, support group, or treatment can help you move forward. Take a look below for three free resources that can help move your life back on a positive, healthy track.

1. Be Well Indiana

The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction has created a website intended to help Hoosiers identify their feelings and find mental health experts. Among other things, the site offers free online mental health self-assessments, videos tips from experts, resources for the unemployed, and resources for those suffering substance abuse or domestic violence.

The site also offers a Crisis Helpline that will connect you with a trained counselor 24/7. To be connected to a counselor, call 211, enter your zip code, and follow the prompts. The counselors are ready to talk you through a wide range of issues, from depression and anxiety to managing feelings of stress in a healthy way. This service is free and confidential.

2. Look Up Indiana

Look Up Indiana is a website developed by the Lutheran Foundation to address mental health issues and substance abuse problems. It provides a host of advice, information, and resources for those experiencing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. It also offers a 24-hour crisis hotline (877-257-0208) to connect you with someone who can help. If you prefer texting, you can get help by texting 494949.

3. Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI)

This organization offers free phone calls with mental health advocates who can help you identify and navigate available resources for those in need. Among other things, it can provide information about mental health conditions and symptoms, supporting a loved one, when and how to call a Crisis Intervention Team. MHANI mental health advocates are available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday at (260) 422-6441.

If you suffer from mental health issues and have made choices that landed you in trouble with the law, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Call the qualified criminal defense lawyers of Razumich & Associates to learn how to best defend yourself and protect your rights. We are ready to fight for you. Contact us today.

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