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DUIs are the most commonly committed crime in America today. People who would otherwise never come into contact with the legal system can find themselves dealing with serious legal issues from having one drink too many. Good people can sometimes make bad decisions, and we believe that one moment in time shouldn’t define who you are.

Many lawyers who ask you to hire them at this time will advocate quick, “damage control” plea agreements designed to minimize the impact that a DUI has on your daily life. These plea agreements will certainly reduce your risk of jail time and might keep your license suspension to a minimum, but they also result in permanent criminal convictions that may cause you consequences in the future that you haven’t considered. Worse, they dispose of your case without taking time to examine the potential defenses that might be available to you.

Since 2006, I’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, to understand and defend themselves against DUI charges. Nationwide, the costs of a DUI conviction can easily exceed $10,000. In addition to court costs, you have to worry about probation costs, service provider costs for alcohol abuse evaluations, the costs of random drug testing, increased insurance costs from having a DUI conviction, possible suspensions for being a Habitual Traffic Violator, possible criminal penalties for being a Habitual Vehicular Substance Offender, and possible employment penalties if you need to drive for work. I can help you keep these penalties to a minimum, and maybe even eliminate some of them all together.

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