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Looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Indiana? Avoid these 5 Mistakes

When someone has been arrested in Indiana and is facing criminal charges, one of the first things they typically want to do is to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend them. In many cases, this will start with an online search, which, of course, means having to wade through dozens of results. Or, the accused may ask for recommendations from friends or relatives who have also faced criminal charges in Indiana. In any case, finding and retaining the right criminal defense attorney can be a challenge. Here are some mistakes that people commonly make when looking for a criminal defense attorney in Indiana:

  1. Picking the name and not the experience. Just because you’ve seen the attorney’s name in the news, on billboards along the Interstate, or in commercials doesn’t mean that the lawyer is right for your case. Ask questions about the lawyer’s experience with other clients in Indiana who were charged with the offense or offenses you are facing.
  2. Retaining a firm and not a lawyer. In most cases, you’ll be represented by an individual, not by an entire firm. Make sure you know which lawyer will be responsible for your case and what their experience is with other cases that may be similar to yours. Talk with that lawyer when deciding whether to hire them to help you.
  3. Hiring a friend. You may be friends with someone who is a lawyer; maybe the person has even offered to help you with your case. But while you may feel more comfortable being represented by someone you already know, that doesn’t mean that your friend has the experience you need to help you achieve the best result.
  4. Letting personality drive your decision. While charisma can sometimes be helpful when trying to connect with a jury, effective criminal defense work comes down to the lawyer’s experience, knowledge, skills, and persistence. Don’t hire someone simply because you “click” with them.
  5. Focusing on price. While it’s important to pay attention to the fees you’ll have to pay your criminal lawyer, price should not be the deciding factor when you decide who to retain. You want someone who will care about the difficult situation you’re in, who has experience defending others charged with similar crimes, and who will devote the time that’s necessary to help you achieve the best result.


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