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If an Ex Files a Protective Order Then Reconciles with You, Just Say No.

The logic of protective orders does not always align with common sense. If an ex files a restraining order against you in Indiana and then decides to reconcile, you could face legal penalties.

You must understand the protective order filed against you, abide by its demands, and do everything you can to avoid the individual who initiated the order

Protective Orders Generally Prohibit Direct Contact (Under Any Circumstance)

When someone files a protective order against you, they state (even indirectly) that you threaten their safety and well-being. Therefore, it can seem nonsensical when the same person contacts you to make amends and potentially get back together.

However, the person who files the order forfeits the right to change their mind once it goes into effect. As the subject of the protective order, you are also accountable to the terms of the order. This generally means you must not:

  • Come within a certain distance of the filer
  • Call or text the filer
  • Contact the filer on social media
  • Possess firearms, see your children without court approval, or violate any other conditions of the protective order

The details of each protective order can vary, but these are common stipulations.

You Could Face Legal Penalties for an Exes Attempt to Contact You

As the subject of a protective order, the burden of avoiding violations falls upon you. If an ex is attempting to reconcile with you, best practice is to:

  • Decline phone calls
  • Ignore social media messages
  • Keep the door closed and contact your attorney if the filer shows up at your home or work
  • Take any other necessary measures to avoid violating the terms of the protective order

Yes, you can be held responsible for your ex’s actions, especially if your ex provides a distorted version of events to law enforcement officials.

Call Razumich & Associates Today for Help with a Protective Order

Protective orders can be onerous encumbrances that impact work, family relationships, and your quality of life. Whether or not you plan to reconcile with the person who filed the order, you deserve to be free of the protective order as soon as possible.

Call Razumich & Associates today at 317-449-8661 or contact us online to find out how we can assist you with an active order of protection.

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