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Indiana Students Charged with Assault or Battery Must Fight a Two-Front Battle—the Justice System and Overzealous School Administrators

Juvenile offenses are technically civil matters in Indiana, but “civil” does not mean “free of severe, life-changing consequences.” Whether a case involves a high schooler charged as a minor, or a university student facing adult charges, the legal battle is only one aspect of your defense.

While our team can pursue the most acceptable legal outcome, we can also ensure that a student’s school grants due process and fair treatment after a charge of assault or battery.

Both High School and College Students Face Serious School Discipline After an Assault or Battery Arrest—But These Students Have Rights 

No longer are schoolyard scraps handled with informal discipline. Statutes such as Indiana’s Student Safety Reporting law (IC 20-34-6-1) require schools to formally report student bullying and arrest data to higher authorities, including but not limited to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).

This bureaucratic formalization of student discipline may increase the likelihood that altercations in school will become criminalized, resulting in charges like assault or battery. 

However, no matter how inhumanely or overzealously law enforcement officials or school administrators handle an alleged assault or battery by a student, the student still has rights enshrined in Indiana law. Statutes like IC 20-33-8-18 afford several protections for students, detailing:   

  • The maximum period for which an administrator can suspend a student (no more than ten days, in many cases)
  • That a student is entitled to a meeting before facing suspension, at which time they can present a formal statement related to the disciplinary matter
  • Mandatory notice for parents of students facing possible discipline
  • Several other procedural requirements aimed at protecting a student’s rights

Violating the due process guaranteed by Indiana statutes means violating the law. No matter the status of any legal proceedings, it is vital that a student receives due process in the educational setting. 

Goals Every Parent Must Have After a Student’s Arrest for Assault or Battery in Indiana

While an assault or battery charge will undoubtedly upend a student’s life in many ways, the classroom can be a haven during uncertain times. Parents should have several goals when their student faces criminal charges, including:

  • To secure the most favorable legal outcome possible
  • To allow the student to continue receiving their education
  • To ensure educators and administrators do not violate the student’s rights to due process and the presumption of innocence
  • To instill as much normalcy as possible into a chaotic time

The team at Razumich & Associates shares these same goals with the parents and students we represent. Our firm can assist with both legal defense and school-level disciplinary procedures.

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