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Don’t Make a Domestic Violence Accusation Worse by Committing These Social Media Mistakes

A domestic violence charge has thrown your life into disarray, and you have the power to make matters even worse. Posting on social media is one of the most immediate ways to make the prosecutor’s case easier. Many defendants in Indiana have wrongly assumed that social media posts are not admissible in court and have Tweeted or live-streamed their way into a sure-fire conviction.

You cannot be cautious enough following accusations of domestic violence, as 63% of defendants convicted of domestic battery receive jail time, 20% go to prison, and nearly 14% receive probation. You may minimize (or at least not increase) your risk of a conviction if you avoid using social media. For starters, avoid these common social mistakes.

What Not to Do on Social Media When Facing Accusations of Domestic Violence

Three of the most egregious social media-specific mistakes you can make when facing allegations of domestic violence are:

  • Talking about the case

Nothing positive can come from social media posts about your case. Even if you have the inclination to proclaim your innocence, don’t. You may unintentionally say something that contradicts your attorney’s defense, insinuate your guilt, or commit another consequential error—knowingly or not.

  • Talking ill of the person who accused you of domestic violence

It can be tempting to state unequivocally that someone who has accused you of domestic violence is exaggerating or fabricating the charges, and to some, social media seems like the logical forum for airing grievances.

However, social media may be the worst possible place to speak ill of your accuser, even if they have smeared your name by levying baseless allegations of domestic violence. Save your venting for your lawyer.

  • Accepting unfamiliar friend requests

Investigators may be actively seeking evidence against you and may use an alias profile to gain access to your private social media accounts. Even if your social media lacks incriminating evidence, it’s wise to put friend requests on pause until you’ve resolved criminal proceedings.

Social media evidence can be admissible in court. When it comes to Instagram Reels, Tweets, and Facebook rants, what you post on social media can and will be used against you in an Indiana court of law. 

Protect Yourself Further by Hiring Razumich & Associates Today to Defend You Against Domestic Violence Charges

When someone accuses you of domestic violence, your reputation, freedom, and law enforcement record, suddenly come under clear and present threat. Your priority must be to defend yourself against these serious allegations, and the experienced legal team at Razumich & Associates will lead your defense.

Call Razumich & Associates today at 317-449-8661 or contact us online to discuss how we can fight the serious accusations and charges facing you.

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