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Can I Do a U-Turn to Avoid a DUI Checkpoint in Indiana?

Few sights can cause the blood to drain from your face more quickly than a line of vehicles and flashing lights ahead. Even if you believe you are under the legal limit, a DUI checkpoint can elicit justifiable fear, and you may choose not to drive into a potential criminal charge.

Yes, you can turn around before reaching a DUI checkpoint. However, you can reasonably expect that your U-turn may arouse suspicion from law enforcement officers ahead.

DUI Checkpoints Are Legal in Indiana, But You Don’t Have to Go Through Them

Opinion remains divided on whether DUI checkpoints are Constitutional, as they permit police officers to stop motorists without probable cause. However, Indiana allows DUI checkpoints, so you must adjust your behavior accordingly.

You have a right to:

  • Turn onto roads that allow you to avoid the checkpoint
  • Reverse safely in a way that will enable you to avoid the checkpoint
  • Do a U-turn and drive away from the checkpoint

While doing a U-turn ahead of a DUI checkpoint is not illegal, it could provoke the suspicion of police officers near the checkpoint.

If You Turn Around Before a DUI Checkpoint, You May Be Pulled Over

While turning around is usually an innocent maneuver, turning around ahead of a DUI checkpoint can be probable cause for law enforcement officials to pull you over. Your decision to turn around may:

  • Catch the attention of law enforcement officials
  • Cause a police officer to pull you over
  • Lead to a field sobriety test and breathalyzer test request if you show signs of intoxication
  • Result in a charge of DUI and related legal proceedings

Studies have shown that DUI checkpoints can help reduce alcohol-related accidents, but you must consider your rights and best interests first. While avoiding a checkpoint may be the right decision, you could still face a DUI charge.

If You Have Been Charged with DUI, Call Razumich & Associates for Help

Those arrested for DUI in Indiana face steep legal penalties as well as the potential loss of employment and reputation. Your defense should be the priority, and our team of legal professionals offers the legal experience, training, and drive to succeed you deserve.

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