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I’m a Non-Indiana Resident Arrested for DUI in Indiana. What Happens Now?

It’s happened countless times before. Out-of-staters are in Indiana visiting family, attending school, or tending to professional obligations when they’re stopped and arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI). While dealing with an out-of-state OWI case can be stressful, hiring the right attorney may help you resolve the case as soon and as favorably as possible.

Potential Legal Consequences of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated in Indiana

Whether you blew into a breathalyzer device, gave blood samples, or stood your ground and faced an arrest for refusing to submit to testing, you face significant legal consequences once arrested for OWI. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute explains that legal penalties for an OWI conviction may include the following:

  • Jail time
  • Prison time
  • Substantial fines
  • License restrictions

These penalties vary based on whether you have prior OWI offenses, whether you caused an accident, and whether you had a minor in the vehicle at the time of your arrest. In any case, an OWI conviction can be harmful to your reputation, professional life, and general quality of life.

Hire a Local Attorney Who Knows Indiana’s Laws and Courts

While you may need to make an appearance in an Indiana court at some point, having a capable local lawyer lead your case will:

  • Allow you to continue living your life in another state while your local attorney handles the majority of case-related duties in Indiana
  • Help you avoid making unnecessary appearances in Indiana, as the attorney may serve as your proxy in many case-related meetings and matters
  • Afford you advice specific to the jurisdiction where your OWI arrest happened, as the attorney will be familiar with Indiana law and, hopefully, the specific court adjudicating your OWI case

An Indiana-based attorney will be licensed to practice in the state. They may even know the judge and prosecutor in the locale where you’re facing an OWI charge. While familiarity with local authorities is no guarantee that you’ll have charges dismissed or reduced, your lawyer may be used to making deals with the prosecutor trying your case—this may be immensely beneficial to you.

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Our firm will handle as much of your defense as possible, serving and advising you from a distance. We can update you with phone calls and Zoom meetings (whichever you prefer), and we will work to secure the best possible outcome to a difficult legal situation.

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