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Yes, Same-Sex Couples Fall Under Domestic Violence Statutes in Indiana

While the legal status of same-sex couples has been a hotly-contested topic of debate in Indiana for decades, domestic violence protections generally apply to same-sex couples. Protections work both ways, though, as same-sex partners can become the subject of a protection order that seriously impedes their lives.

Domestic Violence Protections in Indiana Cover Romantic Partners and Household Members

Same-sex couples generally fall under one or more categories that make domestic violence statutes applicable, including:

  • Current or former spouse
  • Sexual partner
  • Dating partner
  • Household member

If one or more of these statuses applies to you and your current or former same-sex partner, your relationship likely falls under Indiana’s domestic violence statutes. 

How Domestic Violence Statutes Relate to Orders of Protection

When considering whether domestic violence protections extend to same-sex couples, we’ve established that same-sex couples can fall under domestic violence statutes. This distinction is relevant because Indiana courts’ decisions about granting protection orders may hinge upon domestic violence allegations.

For example, Ind. Code § 34-26-5-9 explains that suspicion of domestic violence is potential grounds to issue an ex-parte order of protection. Domestic violence statutes also carry unique language and legal penalties. 

For these reasons, the possibility that disputes between same-sex partners may qualify as domestic violence carries legal consequences.

What Happens If Your Partner Issues a Protection Order Against You

If a court grants an ex-parte protection order against you, or you are the subject of a longer-term protection order, you may:

  • Lost custody of shared children 
  • Have to avoid locations in Indiana where your partner (or ex-partner) is likely to be
  • Have to avoid contacting your partner or ex-partner directly
  • Have to avoid your residence
  • Be unable to possess firearms or other weapons

To avoid these consequences, hire an attorney who will prepare for any upcoming hearings related to an order of protection. If you have yet to request such hearings (as you may need to do when notified of an ex-parte order of protection), our legal team can file that request for you.

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If you find yourself the subject of a protection order related to a same-sex relationship—or any relationship—securing capable legal protection is the priority.

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