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Examining The Irrefutable Link Between Financial Stress and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not always the product of a bad person or a misaligned moral compass. Often, we see clients who crack under pressure, acting out of character due to mounting stress that becomes too much to handle rationally or calmly. 

From a defense perspective, the context of domestic violence incidents matters. Therefore, the connection between financial pressure and uncharacteristic instances of violence is worth examining.

The Proven Link Between Financial Pressure and Violence

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) states plainly that “intimate partner violence is more likely to occur when couples are under financial strain.” 2.7% of couples experiencing low financial strain had instances of violence, while 9.5% of couples with high financial pressure experienced at least one instance of domestic violence.

The journal Injury Epidemiology found that interpersonal violence in a domestic setting increased when:

  • Couples could not pay their utility bills
  • Couples could not afford rent or mortgage payments
  • Couples experienced food insecurity
  • Couples did not have reliable cell service due to financial hardship

Financial stress contributes to general anxiety and stress, which contribute to abusive behavior. 

Many American families are experiencing severe, chronic financial stress due to inflation, professional insecurity, and other wide-reaching sources of financial pressure. We’re seeing these pressures translate into instances of domestic violence.

Everyone Deserves a Capable Domestic Violence Offense, Even When They Admit a Serious a Lapse in Judgment

We don’t make excuses for domestic violence, but we view our clients as real people whose circumstances are complex and worth considering. Couples can live together for years in total harmony, and then financial pressure makes one or both partners act in uncharacteristically violent ways.

Everyone deserves a capable defense, especially when facing a serious domestic violence-related charge. Our firm provides that defense. 

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Our legal team understands the troubling effects of financial pressure, including its potential to lead otherwise peaceful people to violence. We want to protect you from life-altering consequences for a mistake that does not represent who you are.

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