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Technology Has Created More Pathways to a Domestic Violence Charge

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) defines technological abuse as “An act or pattern of behavior intended to harm, threaten, control, stalk, harass, impersonate, exploit, extort, or monitor another person that occurs using any form of technology….” This definition seems clear enough, but two individuals—whether they’re in a relationship or not—can find themselves in an unhealthy domestic relationship without realizing what has occurred. 

Technology has blurred the lines of domestic violence by providing more opportunities for Indianans to violate domestic violence statutes, knowingly or not.

How the Latest Technologies Contribute to Domestic Violence

Smartphones, social media, and near-universal internet access have made it possible to communicate with virtually anyone at any time. When lines of communication turn toxic, there is little to prevent harassment, stalking, and other technology-assisted crimes.

Technology contributes to domestic abuse by:

  • Allowing individuals to continue unhealthy communications, even when they’re separated physically
  • Allowing individuals to monitor the physical movements of another person
  • Facilitating cyberstalking
  • Allowing someone to post defamatory comments about another on social media, which may qualify as abuse

The ability to connect with others can have devastating consequences. Namely, technology may lead you to engage in behaviors you would not indulge in face-to-face with another person. 

Technology-facilitated abuse has become its own class of criminal behavior, and it’s a category our firm is familiar with. These cases are rarely black-and-white, as they involve (still) relatively new technologies and individuals who aren’t always aware that their digital behavior can be considered criminal.

Can I Face Domestic Violence Charges Because of How I Use Technology?

You may face legal consequences based on the way you use technology, as your communications may:

  • Violate the terms of a protection order
  • Qualify as harassment or stalking
  • Qualify as terroristic threats
  • Violate several other statutes, including those that pertain specifically to domestic violence

United States Department of Defense (DOD) has made a concerted effort to limit instances of technology-facilitated abuse. Prosecutors in Indiana have done the same. There are several avenues by which your phone calls, text messages, social media posts, and other digital actions could result in a criminal charge. 

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Technology has escalated the tensions between spouses, domestic partners, and roommates. When tensions rise beyond the threshold of domestic violence or other criminal statutes, you’re entitled to an effective legal defense. Our team at Razumich & Associates will provide that defense. 

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