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Mom Leaves Kid at Home to Hit the Bars, But Should Her Life Be Forever Ruined?

It’s safe to say that not every parent subscribes to the “helicopter dad” or “Tiger Mom” model. Some take a more hands-off approach, and in extreme cases, that approach places a child in serious danger.

However, even parents who make critical lapses in judgment are entitled to a defense. This even includes a parent who leaves their child at home to go drinking. 

Arizona Mom Arrested for DUI Admits to Leaving Young Child Home Alone

I have to be clear: The allegations against Arizona mother Clare Margaret Meacham are downright alarming. We are relieved to find that the child involved in the story was unharmed. 

A local NBC affiliate reported that Meacham was arrested in Mesa, AZ, for driving under the influence (DUI)  after someone issued a possible drunk driver tip. It appeared to be a standard drunk driving arrest until, as officers took Meacham into custody, she admitted to leaving her five-month-old newborn home alone.

Police reportedly rushed to the home and found the child crying but uninjured, alerting Child Protective Services after ensuring the newborn’s safety.

Based on home security video footage, Meacham had been gone for more than two hours once law enforcement officers reached the child. The mother reportedly made no attempt to have someone watch the child and could not remember anything after placing the child in its crib and departing the home.

Even Those Who Make Egregious Mistakes Deserve a Legal Defense

Most people reading this article will be horrified, especially those with children of their own. Child endangerment is never acceptable, and if this report is true, Meacham will undoubtedly face the full weight of the legal code.

Even so, and as tough as it may be to read, Meacham deserves a capable defense. Though you might never make such an egregious lapse in judgment, this 23-year-old single mother will almost certainly regret her actions. 

A criminal defense is a guaranteed right, and I believe everyone deserves the opportunity for redemption—even when they have done something flagrant. 

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