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Police Officer Arrested for OWI in Indiana? Here’s What to Know

A conviction for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) in Indiana can cost anyone their job, reputation, and freedom. When the individual arrested for OWI is a police officer, a conviction could mean finding a new line of work. Getting a strong legal defense is perhaps more important for a police officer than most other arrestees.

Potential Criminal Penalties for OWI in Indiana

From a legal perspective, a police officer arrested for OWI faces the same criminal penalties as anyone else. If you’re found guilty of driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or greater, potential legal penalties (per the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute) include:

  • Fines of up to $5,000
  • Up to one year in jail
  • A two-year license suspension
  • Probation
  • Enrollment in a mandatory substance abuse course

Aggravating factors like having a minor in your vehicle or a substantially elevated BAC may enhance the penalties you face. The damage to your reputation may be just as impactful as legal penalties. 

Law Enforcement Officers Must Consider the Professional Impact of an OWI Conviction

Many people hold law enforcement officials to a seemingly super-human standard, and a police officer convicted of OWI in Indiana may reasonably expect:

  • At the very minimum, suspension from their position in law enforcement
  • Possible (or even likely) termination
  • Extreme difficulty finding future employment in the fields of law enforcement and criminal justice

Police officers may also face a charge of official misconduct if an OWI arrest occurs while they’re on the job. This is a felony offense that, if you are convicted, will likely be the formal end to your career in blue.

Law Enforcement Officers Charged With OWI Deserve a Capable Defense

Law enforcement officials face immense stress day in and day out, and mistakes are inevitable. With a capable defense, your arrest for OWI in Indiana can become a mere footnote in your career rather than the end of your time as a police officer.

The team at Razumich & Associates will review your case and seek the best possible outcome. We may seek a dismissal of the OWI charge or a reduction of the offense. Either of these outcomes may allow you to maintain your career in law enforcement. 

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