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When Using Your Phone Leads to a Fight

Have you ever gotten into an argument over a cell phone? We don’t mean disagreeing with someone you’re talking to on the phone, but rather a fight that centers on the cell phone itself. This phenomenon is common and can lead to some pretty serious situations-and even criminal charges! Read on, and we’ll explain.

Fun Phone Facts

Cell phones are a 21st Century gadget, right? Wrong! Although they’ve certainly evolved extensively in the past 22 years, the technology has been in place and available for decades. In fact, the first call made on a cell phone happened in 1973, and the first text message was sent in 1992! The year 2000 marked the unveiling of the first camera phone in Japan. Today, of the 6.8 billion people who inhabit this planet, fully 4 billion of them own a mobile phone.

If you’ve ever thrown your phone in a fit of anger-and impressed yourself with how far it flew-you should consider moving to Finland. There, a town called Savonlinna hosts the Mobile Phone Throwing Championships every year. (The current record is 320.63 feet.) Contestants can compete in four separate categories, one of which is the “freestyle” event, in which style points contribute to the overall score.

Reasons for Cell Phone Fights

When you consider how mobile phones have changed our collective lives, it’s not surprising that they also provide plenty of opportunities for conflict. These devices make it much easier to carry on private conversations via text or a messaging app, even while surrounded by other people. Cell phones can make any minor mistrust in a relationship swell to significant proportions. This is particularly true when one partner safeguards their phone with a password or fingerprint lock. Of course, even without privacy protections enabled, it is possible for suspicious or possessive, controlling partners to glimpse incoming calls, texts, or IMs-and to remove the SIM card and transfer it to another device. An argument can easily ensue, whether because of evidence found on the cell phone or the fact that one person breached the other’s privacy.

Cell phones also provide an easy way to shop, and since money is the top reason couples fight, it’s easy to see how an argument could flare up if one spouse catches the other using their Amazon app to spend more of the precious commodity.

Another reason that people might argue about cell phone usage? Simply the fact that having one’s nose constantly in their phone-whether scrolling through social media platforms, playing games, or even communicating with friends-can cut into a couple’s time together. If someone’s loved ones feel slighted and complain that date night or dinnertime togetherness gets short shrift because their partner is obsessed with Roblox or Fishdom, it’s likely that a fight isn’t far behind.

In The Aftermath of Cell Phone Arguments

Whether it’s jealousy, infidelity, compulsive spending, or the distraction factor, fights about one person’s cell phone use and behavior can quickly spiral out of control. In some cases, they can lead to physical altercations, which can lead to criminal charges of assault, battery, domestic violence, and more.

If you find yourself facing charges or on the receiving end of a restraining order, get in touch with Razumich & Associates by calling 317-983-5333. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys understand how mistakes can be made and how arguments can develop-and they also know how to minimize the damage that can develop thanks to those mistakes.

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