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What Could Your Child Be Charged With After a School Fight?

If your child gets arrested after a school fight, you’re probably worried about what happens next. What could they be charged with, and what are the possible long-term consequences? While the answers depend on the circumstances of each case, we can summarize the most common charges.

Common Charges

In Indiana, children under 18 can be charged with the same crimes as adults. There are, however, two key differences in how juvenile crimes are handled.

  • Children rarely go through the adult criminal courts unless the charge is particularly serious.
  • There’s a greater emphasis placed on rehabilitation and helping them learn from their mistakes.

The most common charges juveniles may face after a school fight are assault and battery.

  • Assault: Although typically confused with battery, assault refers to the threat of violence or threatening to harm another person.
  • Battery: Under Indiana Code 35-45-2-1, battery means intentionally or knowingly touching someone in a “rude, insolent, or angry manner.” This includes actions like spitting.

The exact charge varies depending on the severity of the injuries inflicted and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Other Charges

Depending on the allegations, your child may be charged with other offenses, including:

  • disorderly conduct
  • harassment
  • intimidation
  • resisting arrest

Some charges, such as aggravated assault and aggravated battery, could result in more serious consequences as your child may be tried as an adult. A criminal defense attorney can evaluate your case and explain what to expect.

Consequences of Juvenile Offenses

A charge is not the same as a conviction, and it’s on the prosecution to prove the allegations against your child. However, the penalties for juvenile offenses include:

  • community service
  • detention in a juvenile detention center
  • probation
  • restitution

Your child may also be suspended or expelled from school, negatively impacting their prospects. A criminal defense attorney will aim to mitigate the long-term impact of any juvenile offenses on your child.

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