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Rearrested Right After Getting Out of Jail? Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do

If you’ve recently been released from jail after an arrest or a conviction, you probably know that it’s a good idea to be on your best behavior. But what happens if you’re arrested again? A second arrest is a bad situation, and you want to avoid making it worse. In this article, we’ve collected our best tips based on experiences with past clients.

  1. Don’tmouth off. You won’t get anywhere by being belligerent, uncooperative, or resistant when you’re rearrested, even if you know the police are wrongfully accusing you of something.
    Do be respectful and polite. Even if you’re rightly refusing to speak to the police, you can still be polite about it.
  2. Do call a lawyer right away. Invoke your right to counsel immediately and continue to do so. If you’re arrested, you have a right to a lawyer, and the police can’t force you to talk to them.
    Don’t talk to the police without a lawyer present. The police aren’t your friends, and it’s rarely to your benefit to speak to them about your arrest without legal guidance.
  3. Dohire an attorney to represent you. If you’re on probation, parole, or awaiting trial on another charge when you’re rearrested, you’ll need an attorney to help you on two fronts. First, to defend you on any new charges, and second, to ensure you don’t end up back in jail because of a parole, probation, or bond violation.
    Don’t try to manage this on your own. You’ll need a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf for release after your new arrest because you’ll likely face a second, higher bond before a court will release you again. You may face additional conditions on your release as well. Finally, if you have a plea agreement with a prosecutor in your first case, your new arrest could end that deal without an experienced criminal defense attorney advocating on your behalf.

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