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Indiana’s Biggest Crime Stories of 2021

The biggest story in Indiana crime isn’t one particular event but the fact Indianapolis saw another record-breaking year of homicides. The city had 246 homicides by late November—breaking 2021’s record of 245 with more than a full month left in the year to go. In response, expect to see changes in the city in the coming year. Indianapolis will invest millions in crime prevention programs across the city, from installing hundreds of surveillance cameras and license plate readers in high-crime areas to reorganizing the police department’s investigative unit to funding community programs.

But the homicide rate isn’t the only crime-related story to capture our attention in 2021. Let’s review a few other notable items.

The DYI Bandit….

Detectives in Indianapolis’ Southwest District had been investigating a series of business robberies in the area when a tip came in that someone’s neighbor had tried to sell him a miter saw at well below the market price. When the police raided the home, they didn’t find the suspect, but they did find $150,000-$200,000 worth of stolen construction equipment. The police believed that the suspect had perpetrated multiple thefts against both businesses and individuals.

The Selfie-Taking Carjacker….

In November, an armed man allegedly approached a woman in her car. She gave the carjacker her keys; he snatched her cellphone out of her hands, then drove off. Shortly after that, the police found the phone abandoned. But the woman realized that the alleged carjacker had left two selfies of himself on her phone. Once the photos were released to the public, tipsters identified the carjacker and his likely new location in North Carolina. Then, in the first week of December, he was arrested there after reportedly leading the police in a pursuit in the stolen car.

New Leads in the Delphi Murders

The state continues to look for answers in the 2017 murders of Abby Williams and Libby Gelman. In December of this year, the police released photos from a social media account believed to be tied to the murders. These resulted in more than 500 tips and the later revelation that a man connected to the account has been arrested on almost 30 charges relating to child exploitation.

As these stories demonstrate, whether an investigation takes weeks or years, the police continue to track down and find alleged perpetrators in high-profile cases. If you face arrest for a crime, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Call Razumich & Associates today at (317) 449-8658 for a free case evaluation.

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