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Arrested at College in Indiana When You’re from Out of State: What Should You Do?

College can be a crazy time. From parties to dorm rooms, new people, and harder classes, many students find themselves off-kilter when they head out of state to Indiana for college. But some of the situations you’ll face in college can lead to risky behavior and possible police involvement. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2017, people reported almost 29,000 criminal incidents to the police on college campuses nationwide, not including alcohol and drug offenses. But by far, the most prevalent charges against college students do involve drugs and alcohol, with more than 110,000 college students arrested each year for these offenses. So, if you face an arrest at an Indiana college, what should you do?

  1. Be Polite: Try not to say anything aggressive or insulting to the police. You don’t want to provoke a reaction.
  2. Ask the Police if You’re Free to Leave: When the police stop and question you, ask if you’re free to leave. If they say yes, leave right away.
  3. Keep Your Hands Visible: We’ve all heard the stories and seen the videos. Keep your hands visible at all times, so the police have no reason to believe you’re reaching for a weapon.
  4. Keep Your Answers Brief: Remember that yes and no are complete answers. Keep your answers brief to avoid unintentionally incriminate yourself or give the police information to build a case. If the police arrest you, you also have no obligation to answer their questions. You have a right to remain silent, and you should assert that right.
  5. Ask Why Police Are Arresting You: If the police don’t cite a specific charge, ask what they’re charging you with. You’ll need this information to protect yourself and to inform your lawyer.
  6. Ask to Speak with a Lawyer: You don’t have to answer any questions from the police after an arrest; in fact, you shouldn’t. Ask to speak with an attorney clearly and unequivocally once the police begin to question you.

As a college or graduate student, you can also face repercussions from your school after a criminal conviction. For example, some schools will automatically suspend or expel a student convicted of a felony. Even more, schools will bring disciplinary charges against students convicted of misdemeanors, particularly if the alleged crime happened on campus or at a school event. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced Indiana defense attorney as soon as possible.

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