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5 Podcasts for Drug Addiction

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to have an arsenal of support and strategies to help stay clean. If one source of support falls through during a time of need, you can quickly turn to another. Listening to podcasts focused on recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can provide you with on-the-go inspiration and encouragement you need at any time of the day. Here are five podcasts worth checking out.

  1. The Addiction Podcast–The Point of No Return
    This podcast has offered advice and guidance to people struggling with substance abuse since 2017. It broadcasts the recovery journeys of many former addicts and interviews doctors, advocates, and law enforcement. It also discusses alternative approaches to detox and withdrawal and helps educate former addicts on the lifestyle changes necessary to continue clean living. The podcast is an excellent resource for people who have realized that they need and want help with their addiction.
  2. That Sober Guy
    That Sober Guy, otherwise known as Shane, fought a 17-year addiction to drugs and alcohol and nearly lost everything important to him–his marriage, job, and life. Shane tried to quit numerous times until, in 2013, he checked himself into a 30-day rehab and won the fight. Six months after getting clean, he started this addiction recovery podcast to help others stay sober and have a supportive online community at their fingertips.
  3. The ODAAT Chat Recovery Podcast
    The One Day At A Time (ODAAT) Chat Recovery Podcast is hosted by Arlina, who has been clean and sober since 1994 after hitting rock bottom at age 25. Once she recovered from her near-death experience as an addict, she made it her life’s mission to help others, particularly women, in similar situations. The podcast broadcasts numerous guests, both former addicts, and experts, who discuss everything addiction-related, from recovery to self-forgiveness. It offers one new episode a week.
  4. The Addicted Mind Podcast
    The Addicted Mind was born out of twin griefs: host Duane Osterlind’s own addiction and recovery journey and the death of his infant daughter, Audrey. Having experienced so much pain, he realized he wanted to make it his life’s work to help others trapped in despair emerge from their suffering. His goal is to provide people with reliable information about addiction treatment and research and to help them understand that life can get better with the right support and knowledge. The podcast shares how others have found recovery and created happiness in their lives and discusses different modes of healing.
  5. Let’s Talk: Addiction and Recovery Podcasts
    In this podcast, hosted by the famed Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, listeners receive messages of hope from various individuals and leading drug addiction and recovery experts. Host William C. Moyers leads discussions on every topic, including personal stories, addiction trends, the latest research, and practical advice for people suffering from substance abuse as well as their loved ones.

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