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When and Whether to Talk to Your Boss About Your Arrest in Indiana

If you’re arrested, your mind will be reeling with numerous concerns, including how to tell your boss. Even if you’re not convicted of the charges against you, an arrest can result in harsh consequences, including getting suspended or fired, or missing out on a promotion or pay raise. To stay on the best terms possible with your employer, you’ll need to approach the situation carefully.

Determine whether you’re obliged to disclose the arrest

If you have been arrested, you should find out as quickly as possible whether your job requires you to disclose the arrest. Some employers require employees to report an arrest, but others do not. You should carefully examine company documents such as the employee handbook, the company code of conduct, or your employment contract to determine whether you’re required to report. If you are required to report the arrest, tell your boss as soon as possible; otherwise, you risk getting fired for failing to follow company policy.

Even if you aren’t required to report, consider whether you should inform the company about the arrest anyway. For example, if the arrest is likely to generate a lot of negative publicity, you may want to tell your boss so that they won’t feel blindsided and can prepare for any fallout. They may well appreciate this act of courtesy and may treat you with more consideration than if they had learned of the arrest through other means.

Pick the right moment

If you decide it’s necessary to inform your boss, make an appointment to speak with them privately. Aim for a moment in the day that is not too busy to reduce the chance that you can speak without interruption. For most people, this moment tends to be either early in the morning or toward the end of the workday.

Be honest

Once you decide to inform them about the arrest, you need to be entirely honest about the charges against you. Stay calm and look them in the eye while speaking. If they want details about the circumstances leading to the arrest, you should politely tell them that your lawyer has advised you to refrain from discussing these details with anyone.

Try to preserve your job

After breaking the news, reassure your employer that you won’t let the arrest affect your work to the extent possible and it won’t happen again. Also, remind them of the positive contributions you’ve made to the company. If you believe your job is at risk, you may even want to ask if what you can do to retain your position.

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