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How a DUI Felony Conviction Can Make Your Life Harder – and What to Do About It

An Indiana DUI felony conviction can impact your life in ways you’d never imagined. That’s why if you’re facing DUI felony charges, it’s crucial to find an experienced criminal defense attorney right from the start. The sooner you start preparing your defense, the better chance you have for a positive outcome and minimal impact on your life.

Here are five ways a DUI felony conviction in Indiana can make your life much harder.

Jail Time. Naturally, life is going to be much harder if you have to go to jail for your conviction. With a felony conviction, you could serve up to three years in prison. Being in imprisoned puts your job, a stable family life, and certain professional licenses at risk. You will also lose your right to vote while imprisoned (although you will regain it after your release).

Drivers’ License Suspension. In Indiana, a felony DUI conviction may result in the suspension of your drivers’ license for up to two years. Not having a drivers’ license can impact your life in numerous ways, particularly if your job requires a valid license or if you’ll have trouble getting to work without a permit.

Employment difficulties. A DUI felony conviction means that you’ll have a permanent criminal record. Unless the court seals the record, future employers will see this conviction when running a background check, which can jeopardize your ability to get hired.

Child custody. In a custody battle, your spouse may be able to use the conviction against you. Indiana courts determine custody cases by evaluating what’s in the best interest of the child but will take into account the criminal record of the parents.

Restricted ability to travel. Some countries may bar you from entry with a DUI felony conviction or at least make it more difficult for you to enter. Mexico, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, and even Canada are just a few of the countries that restrict entry or require a special waiver for people with a DUI felony conviction.

If you’re facing a DUI in Indiana, it’s crucial to have a skilled criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights. A good attorney can help you avoid getting a DUI charge upgraded to a felony or minimize some of the many serious consequences.

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