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5 Ways to Help Your Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Defend Your Case

A good Indiana defense attorney is instrumental in mounting a strong defense in a criminal matter and assuring that your side of the story gets heard. However, you play the most vital role of all in defending your case. Here are five key ways to help your defense attorney obtain the best outcome for you possible.

1. Be honest

Your attorney cannot properly defend you unless you are completely honest with her. You’re sure to jeopardize your case if you don’t give truthful and complete answers to questions your attorney poses. Being honest allows your attorney to consider how to handle incriminating or difficult information in advance. Keep in mind that the attorney-client privilege means that your attorney can’t share information about your case with anyone outside of your legal team. Your conversations are protected.

2. Be clear on your goals

Criminal cases can have a variety of outcomes. You need to consider which result would be most acceptable to you, at a minimum. For example, your attorney should know under what circumstance you would be willing to accept a plea deal. Similarly, your attorney should know if you are adamant about defending your innocence, even if it means going to trial.

3. Don’t talk to the police.

The police are not your friends in a criminal matter. Even if they seem friendly, never let your guard down: they are looking for damaging information that they can use against you. Whenever you speak to them always have your lawyer present. If your lawyer isn’t yet available, staying silent, after invoking your right to remain silent, is the best thing you can do for your case.

4. Give information promptly.

Your lawyer will ask for specific information, documents, or the names and addresses of witnesses to help build your defense. Make sure you provide the material you lawyer has requested as quickly as possible. The more time you allow your attorney to spend with these materials or information, the more time your attorney has to make the best use of them. If you think that certain information isn’t available, let your attorney know right away.

5. Follow your attorney’s advice.

Your attorney is going to give you plenty of advice throughout your criminal case, from legal advice to tips on how to comport yourself while the case is pending. For example, they may tell you to avoid talking publicly–or even privately– about the case, to avoid posting on social media, or what to wear when you appear in court. Although it can be challenging, follow your attorney’s advice. They have the experience to know what can help or hurt your case.

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