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Flint Officials Face Criminal Charges

When a private citizen commits a crime, he or she is subject to various penalties, which can include fines, a criminal record, and even time in prison. But what happens when a public official commits a crime in connection with his or her public duties?

Many people have heard about the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, a predominantly black city of about 100,000 residents. The city also has more than 8,000 children under the age of six. When news broke that Flint’s water supply contains dangerously high levels of lead, the presence of so many young children – who are particularly vulnerable to cognitive problems caused by lead exposure – led many to begin searching for those responsible for the contamination. Officials and health experts believe the lead leached into the city’s water supply from lead pipes dating back to the 1940s.

The case has spurred outrage on many fronts. Civil rights activists are set to meet with the Michigan Civil Rights Commission to discuss issues of discrimination, environmental justice, and racism. Experts estimate it will take decades to replace the city’s water supply pipes. Meanwhile, residents can’t use the water for drinking or bathing. President Obama is set to visit the city in May 2016.

Criminal Charges in the Flint Case

The crisis has also led to criminal charges being filed against three government workers who allegedly played a role in covering up the lead contamination.

Recently, the Michigan attorney general announced criminal charges against two state workers in charge of monitoring water quality in Michigan’s cities. Charges were also filed against a Flint city worker assigned to keep track of water quality. All three workers were charged with tampering with evidence. According to the court documents in the case, the workers are accused of distorting results of water quality testing and falsely reassuring residents the water was safe to use.

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