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“Selfie” Arrests on the Rise

Selfies are quite popular, and social media has only made them more so. Unfortunately, selfies are not always fun and hazard-free. In some tragic cases, people have lost their lives while taking a selfie – usually while driving. According to one media report, more people were killed in selfie-related incidents than shark attacks in 2015. Although both types of accidents are rare, the comparison sheds light on the growing problems that surround selfies.

Another problem area is selfie-related crime. In short, some people are making it easier for police to arrest them for criminal conduct. In recent weeks, the story of the so-called “selfie fugitive” made national news when a man sent a more attractive picture of himself to police after claiming his mugshot did not depict him in a favorable light. “Here is a better photo,” he wrote police, “that one is terrible.” Unsurprisingly, the police arrested him shortly thereafter – providing him with a brand new mugshot in the process.

More recently, a freshman at Baylor University was arrested after climbing a statue on top of a nearby courthouse and snapping a selfie. The student was quoted as saying he “was feeling really stupid” the night he took the photo.

In another incident, a California man was arrested after taking a Snapchat selfie with his own robbery victim. Another man in Massachusetts was arrested after he stole an iPad and took selfies on it.

In each of these cases, the defendants did the police department’s work for them by not only handing them evidence but creating it in the first place.

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