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Can The Judge Send Me To Jail For Laughing?

It should go without saying, but you should not upset the person that may be deciding your fate. Take this recent example from the Ninth Circuit , where a man was sentenced to one year by a federal court. He laughed at the judge after this sentenced was imposed. And with a swing of the gavel, the man all of the sudden had a two year sentence.

The case went on appeal, and you can read up on it in that link, but the sentence was upheld. It was appealed on a technicality, arguing a sentence can’t be modified once it’s imposed. The Court Of Appeals held that the imposition of sentence w never became final the first time since this all happened at the same hearing.

This does bear mentioning that the taxpayers are having to foot the bill to imprison a man because a judge didn’t appreciate his sass. That’s a poor reason to increase someone’s sentence. In fact, I believe that the judge was not acting in the interests of justice in doing so. But that’s just my opinion. This man got a double sentence just because he laughed at the wrong person.

You may have the best lawyer on the planet, because hopefully your hired someone from this firm, but even a lawyer is not a magician. Please do not upset your judges, folks. You want to make these people your best friend. Every time you appear in court, you are smiling and happy. You are dressed well. You are a pleasant person. Because if you’re not, you’re making things harder on yourself.

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