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Worried About How to Pay for Attorney’s Fees? Razumich Law Now Offers Legal Fee Financing

Legal Fee Financing

One of the biggest challenges that potential clients face when selecting an attorney is determining how they will be able to pay the attorney’s fees. Most people don’t plan on needing an attorney, and the sudden shock of how much quality legal services can cost often discourages them from getting the help they need. Even with a good job and steady income, people may not have much extra in the way of savings or available credit, and they will chose to go with public representation or no representation at all rather than using all of whatever savings they do have to pay for an experienced attorney who can truly provide them with the best legal services.

Fortunately, there may be a way around this problem.

Receive Up to $3,500 Towards Legal Fees Instantly

In an effort to provide more options to our clients, I am pleased to say that Razumich Law has partnered with Global Check to offer legal fee financing to people seeking our services. Legal fee financing allows clients who are qualified to receive up to $3,500.00 towards their legal fees instantly, without needing to worry about large retainers. This program is similar to applying for a car loan, and allows the client to make much smaller monthly payments towards their legal fees over a period of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Usually a down payment of 20-25% of the amount being financed is all that is necessary to get started.

Certain restrictions do apply for this program. First, the applicant needs to be employed. Second, they need to have a checking account, because the payments will be automatically debited from the account. Third, there are interest rates that apply to the financing which makes it slightly more expensive to finance rather than pay in full up front. Finally, not everyone can qualify for the full amount, and it’s possible that some people may not qualify at all. The important thing is that this program offers our clients another opportunity to find ways of securing quality and competent representation without having to choose between paying an attorney or paying their mortgage or rent.

I am excited about this opportunity to expand our ability to help people in Indiana who are seeking legal representation but think that they may not be able to afford a competent attorney. I look forward to helping even more people than we were ever able to before.

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