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Don’t Take Indiana Traffic Violations Lightly; Hiring a Lawyer May Be the Best Move You Can Make

Here in the “Crossroads of America,” we spend a lot of time in our cars. When you spend that much time driving, no matter how safe a driver you are, the chances are good that at some point you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a traffic ticket. While traffic offenses may not seem like a big deal, they can cost you a great deal in fines, increased insurance premiums, and in some cases, loss of your driving privileges and even jail time.

There are literally hundreds of possible Indiana traffic violations, but some of the most common and which I handle most often include:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving without insurance

Ignoring a Ticket Will Only Make It Worse

It can be tempting to simply ignore a moving violation or traffic citation, stuffing the ticket in a drawer with unpaid parking tickets. This is a huge mistake which will only make things worse. Failing to respond to a traffic citation or failing to pay for a ticket may lead to the suspension of your driving privileges. Upon receipt of a certification from a court that a motorist has not appeared in court or paid for a traffic offense, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is required to suspend that person’s driving privileges.

The “Easy Way Out” May Not Be the Right Call

Many Indiana traffic citations can be handled without a court appearance by paying the ticket online, by mail, or in person. But paying the fines for a traffic ticket also means that you are pleading guilty to the offense, just as if you were standing before a judge in open court admitting your guilt. Many if not most people take this route without realizing that they are in fact pleading guilty to the charges and without understanding the possible consequences of doing so.

Traffic offenses go on your driving record and accumulate “points” which can result in higher insurance premiums or the inability to find coverage altogether. Additionally, as points accumulate, your license can be suspended and you may even face imprisonment. The amount of points you’ll receive depend on the nature of the violation.

If you’ve been issued a ticket, you owe it to yourself to understand your options. Fighting back may be the best course of action and the one may spare you from significant consequences now and down the road. Talk to an experienced Indiana traffic ticket lawyer before deciding what to do.

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