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License Suspended, But Have to Get to Work? Here Are Your Options

If you have had your license suspended in Indiana, it is critical that you not violate the terms of the suspension. You could face significant legal penalties if you drive with a suspended license before getting the necessary paperwork to do so legally.

Hire an attorney from our firm to help. We will lay out every option that could allow you to get to work consistently, including:

Filing for a Hardship License

Indy.gov explains that a hardship license allows you to drive with a suspended license, but only under specific circumstances. Getting to and from work may be among the most compelling reasons for you to receive a hardship license. 

Courts do not hand out hardship licenses easily. You may need to file a convincing, error-free petition. An attorney from our team can petition the court to grant you specialized driving privileges, as we have successfully secured hardship licenses for other clients. 

Relying on Your Partner (and Their Valid License)

If you cannot get a hardship license, you’ll have to consider how you’ll get to work without driving yourself. If your partner has a vehicle and they can arrange their schedule to get you to and from work, this may be the most convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation. 

Making Use of Public Transportation

Buses, subways, trains, and trolleys serve millions of Americans who do not have a car or cannot drive due to a suspended or revoked license. If darn near every New Yorker can do it, so can you.

Getting a Bike 

Bicycles have gotten employees to and from their workplaces for over a century. In Indiana, you may even be able to get an electric bike (e-bike) without a valid license, though you may want to consult a lawyer on the latest laws before purchasing one.

Call Razumich & Associates Today for Help Restoring Your License

A suspended license is an inconvenience but does not have to stop you from working. An attorney from Razumich & Associates will seek a hardship license, which may be the most seamless way to continue your work routine. 

Contact our firm online or call us today at (317) 449-8661 for a free consultation.

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