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Does Being Caught on Camera Automatically Mean You’ll Be Found Guilty? It Depends.

Whether you have been involved in a fight, motor vehicle accident, or other circumstances where you could face criminal liability, it is never ideal to have the act caught on camera. That being said, it is not a given that video footage will result in a guilty verdict.

A Good Lawyer Will Move to Exclude Harmful Video Footage from Criminal Judicial Proceedings

Video footage can be useful to a prosecutor seeking to prove a defendant’s guilt. However, the judge in a criminal proceeding has an ultimate say over whether a prosecutor can present video footage during legal proceedings.

An experienced criminal defense attorney (like me) will argue that video footage should not be admissible in the Indiana court that is handling your case. We may base this inadmissibility argument on the following:

  • The way that law enforcement officials or prosecutors obtained the video footage: Those seeking to prove your guilt must operate within the boundaries of the law. If anyone obtained video footage improperly, it could not be used against you.
  • The video footage being deceptive: If video footage is deceptively shot or edited, or does not capture the true context of an event, it may be inadmissible. 
  • The video footage’s lack of clarity: If the footage is grainy, blurry, or otherwise unclear, it may not be usable. Distorted footage may deceive a jury, and a judge may prevent the prosecution from using a low-quality recording against you.

Our firm examines all footage that prosecutors attempt to use against our clients. We make arguments for inadmissibility based on the specific nature of a video recording, and we’ll do the same in your defense.

In Fact, a Criminal Defense Attorney May Use Video Footage to Prove Your Innocence

Just as video footage can speak to someone’s potential guilt in a criminal proceeding, a video recording may help prove your innocence or confirm your account of events.

Our firm actively seeks any footage that can help our client’s defense. Whether it is body camera footage, which Indianapolis and Marion Counties allow us to request, or another type of video recording, we may use video to bolster your defense.

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Even when the scales of justice appear stacked against you, Razumich & Associates, P.C. know that you’re not guilty until proven guilty. Even if there is video footage that paints you in a negative light, we will fight to clear your name.

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